The Board of Ten acts as the executive committee of the society. Its main functions include managing the societies external image, funding and operational management. 

Elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each spring, all members contribute to a specific facet of the running of the society and are dedicated to the continued success of the society as a whole.

All of our committee members are available to contact via email for information about the society or their various positions.


Andrew Longworth

The President and Convenor is the Chair of the Board of Ten, and also serves as the SAF Debates Officer for the St Andrews Students' Association. They are responsible for general oversight of the society and organising public debates. They also chair all of the formal debates in Lower Parliament Hall.

The current President and Convenor is Andrew Longworth. Andrew is a third year reading Economics.

Email: debates@st-andrews.ac.uk



Morgan Anthony

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the society's accounts, overseeing finances, and organising sponsorship for the society.

The current Treasurer is Morgan, a third year reading Economics.

Email: mr236@st-andrews.ac.uk

Chair of Ways and Means

Emiliana Wood

The Chair of Ways and Means is responsible for organising our public debates and events, as well charing our public event board.

The current Speakers Secretary is Emiliana Wood, a fourth year reading Economics and Social Anthropology.

 Email: ew95@st-andrews.ac.uk

Emiliana Wood


Cara Shepherd 

The Chief Whip is the chair of the competitive debating board. They are responsible for all things related to competitive debating including organsing training sessions on Wednesday afternoons and Monday evenings as a means of bettering our competitive teams as well as gaining interest among new debaters. They also organise trials for the international tournaments we attend.

The current Chief Whip is Cara, a second year reading.

 Email: cns5@st-andrews.ac.uk


Rayaan Anjarwalla

The Clerk is responsible for the minutes of both board and Public Debates. They type and submit these minutes to be recorded in our uninterrupted minute book stretching back to the founding of the society in 1794.

The current Clerk to the House is Rayaan.

Email: rksa1@st-andrews.ac.uk


Euan Higgins

The Equity Officer is responsible for organising training on discussing sensitive topics and discussions around equality. They also serve as the Internal Equity Officer at competitions in St Andrews and work to help ensure debaters from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds are included within society activities.

The current Equity Officer is Euan, a 2nd year reading Chemistry.

Email: eah29@st-andrews.ac.uk


Fraser Laing

The Media Officers are responsible for publicising the events and the activities of the society to the student community.

The current Communications Secretary is Fraser Laing.

 Email: fil1@st-andrews.ac.uk


Owen Goodacre

The Freshers' Representative is responsible for representing the views of novice debaters to the Board of Fifteen and organising events to encourage new debaters to get involved with the activities of the society.

The Current Freshers' Representative is Owen Goodacre. 

Email: og32@st-andrews.ac.uk



Zaine Mansuralli & Mac Cheminais

The Parents of the House are appointed by the President and act as symbols of the “spirit” of the house. The position is honorary and non-voting and is awarded to someone who has greatly served the Union Debating Society in the past.

Zaine is a 5th year reading History and Mac is a 4th year reading Economics. 

Zaine Email: zm22@st-andrews.ac.uk

Mac Email: mc333@st-andrews.ac.uk