The Union Debating Society operates a successful debate training program for students. We use the British Parliamentary format which is used at the majority of competition in the UK and international tournaments that we attend.

Debate training offers great experience for all students and an opportunity to improve your critical thinking and public speaking skills, whether they are interested in debating competitively or not. 

Our Training Officer runs debate training each week on a Wednesday afternoon at 2:00PM. These training sessions are open to every matriculated student of the University of St Andrews, regardless of past experience or skill level. You can join us for debate training at any point in the year - you don't have to start in Freshers' Week!

 These sessions run in the Student Association's Large Rehearsal Room, on the top floor of the Union Building. 

We also run advanced sessions on Mondays at 6:00PM, designed to train those attending international competitions. Please seek the permission of the Training Officer before attending these sessions. 


The UDS sends teams to debate competitions across the UK most weekends throughout the semester. There are lots of different competitions to get involved with, from novice level competitions all the way to the national championships! Alongside this, the UDS normally sends teams to the European and World University Debating Championships in the summer and winter breaks.

The UDS normally endeavours to provide an opportunity for new debaters to attend at least one competition a semester if they want to. The society funds the registration fees for all of the competitions we attend, so students normally only have to cover their travel cost. We also offer a bursary scheme for students from low income backgrounds who may struggle to cover these travel costs.


Competitions are great fun, a fantastic opportunity to improve your debating skills, and offer a fantastic opportunity to make friends at universities across the country.

 See the 'St Andrews Competitive Debate' Facebook Page for more information.



If you're interested in getting involved in competitive debating in St Andrews, we encourage you to attend one of our Wednesday training sessions.

You can also join the "St Andrews Competitive Debate" Facebook group where we post details of how to get involved, updates and results from competitions, and information about training sessions and internal competitions.